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Dale Wyatt talks about the green lane association GLASS

Dale Wyatt is a founding member of GLASS (The Green Lane Association) which exists to promote and protect access to unsurfaced roads for four wheeled vehicles. Often a sensitive subject between trail riders and 4x4 users, here he explains why all vehicular access is under threat, the different impact that cars and bikes can have on the countryside, and how a responsible and unified approach can be beneficial to both user groups.


Over the years we have been loosing more and more unsurfaced roads to pieces of legislation and there's a number of anti groups out there that want to remove vehicle rights from the countryside and from unsurfaced roads, so we need to be doing something, we need to protect our historic right. My personal aim is to get everybody that drives a vehicle in the countryside on an unsurfaced road to be either a member of GLASS or the TRF because we are the only ones doing anything to protect that right at a national level.

To find out more about GLASS and how they are working to preserve access to unsurfaced roads visit their new website