We are Trail Riders.. nice to meet you

Let us tell you a little about ourselves

The first and most important thing for you to know is we LOVE the countryside – so much so that we choose to enjoy and explore it in a way that enables us to experience more of it the limited time we have available – by motorcycle.

We have very limited access to do this as the unsealed Green Road Network we use is estimated to be only 6,000 miles long – out of a public highways network which is 350,000 miles – that’s only 2% 

This network is made up of what is a confusing array of classifications such as Byways Open to All Traffic (BOAT), Unclassified Country Roads, (UCRs), White Roads – the list goes on. This is confusing for the public and Trail Riders alike.

We are advocates for greater public access to the countryside and undertake a considerable amount of conservation work each year which benefits all users and local communities which is worth hundreds of thousands of pounds to support under funded and under resourced local and park authorities.

We enjoy sharing the network with other users including walkers, cyclists, horse riders and 4x4s, believing that mutual respect and tolerance are as important on the trails as they are anywhere else when building an inclusive society.

What we do is non-competitive, and we should not be confused with closed-course events which is motocross or enduro.

We ride road legal bikes which are taxed and insured as what we are riding are roads – we don’t ride “off-road”. What we do is legal.

We are against illegal riding and actively work with the police and other authorities to help stamp it out.

We support local communities and businesses and the national economy through tourism, purchasing and tax revenues.

The Trail Riders Fellowship is the national governing body for our pastime and if you are a local authority, park authority or police authority find out more how the TRF can support you.

So now you know a little more about us – you might even want to join us! Below are a few personal stories from trail riders which we hope will help you get to know us better.

Join 9,000+ riders actively conserving Green Roads for all to enjoy today.

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