TRF and the Police

Those that choose to break the law by riding illegally or anti-socially harm the interests of the 99% of Trail Riders who ride responsibly. Their antics damage the perception of Trail Riding in the eyes of the public and are used by anti-public access activists to support their arguments for a ban on Trail Riding.

The TRF works with the Police authorities in a variety of ways to reduce the negative impact of the minority riders who do harm, sharing the principles of enforcement, engineering, engagement and enabling – a multi-faceted approach that stops such activities but also looks to create positive pathways that can bring a paradigm change for offenders.

Some police forces have created specialist motorcycle teams to help combat both urban and rural crime and the TRF is keen to support these initiatives as part of its social responsibility activities.  

Members of the TRF have also worked in training those officers, given the specialist knowledge the organisation has in this area. 

If you are a Police Authority looking for support in any area please do get in touch

Green Road Map Project – Get involved

The TRF invites authorities to contribute to this landmark project

There is an estimated 350,000 miles of highway in England and Wales. Roughly 40% are paths or restricted byways and off-limits to public motor traffic. The other highways are nearly all roads made up with tarmac – black roads. Between the black roads and paths are around 6000 miles of Green Roads that are available for the public to responsibly enjoy by reasonable means of travel, including motorcycling.

With Green Roads subject to such a broad range of naming conventions and designations, and being recorded in multiple places such as Local Authorities’ Definitive Map and Highway Authorities’ List of Streets, it was considered that one all-embracing public-facing online and real-time map of the Green Roads was in the public’s interest.

The Green Road Map (GRM) has been created by the Trail Riders Fellowship (TRF) to provide clarity and certainty as to the public’s right to use a motorcycle on the Green Road Network of England and Wales.

If you work for a National Park, Local or Police authority then send us an email using your authority email address for a GRM information pack.

Anti-Social and Unlawful Motoring in the Countryside.
Driving Conduct and Traffic Offences.

Supporting Police Authorities

The Land Access and Recreation Association (LARA) is an umbrella organisation and forum that brings together the leading national associations in motor sport and recreation.

LARA promotes and advocates responsible and sustainable motor sport and recreation offering advice and training on all aspects of land use.

They have published two reports that Police authorities may find useful.

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