Rider Campaigns

Part of the role of the TRF is to campaign on behalf of Trail Riding. This work can address a variety of audiences including riders, authorities, MPs, government officials, the public and other users of Green Roads.

Ride quiet

Done responsibly, Trail Riding generates no more noise in the countryside than many other activities including farming and land management, as well as other rural recreation such as shooting.

We are aware that there is a minority who behave antisocially and illegally and this tarnishes the reputation of the 99% of riders doing so responsibly. This article explores the impact of exhaust noise and provides guidance on how its impact can be reduced.   

Trail Riding is active, sustainable and responsible form of travel and recreation.  

Sound on: In this video we show how little noise and how temporary its impact is riding passed fixed point.

Ride true

Green Roads form part of the wider public highways network and follow defined routes. Whilst these routes can become less obvious for a variety of reasons, it is important to stick to the trail.

Trail Riders wish to protect the diverse wildlife and biodiverse environment that exists adjacent to where they travel and like all countryside users put these at risk if they stray from the trail – stick to the trail!  

Trail Riding is active, sustainable and responsible form of travel and recreation.  

Join 9,000+ riders actively conserving Green Roads for all to enjoy today.

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