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Welcome to the TRF

Join 9,000+ members actively riding and conserving the Green Roads Network

Every year TRF volunteers undertake projects that help support underfunded and under-resourced authorities with essential maintenance, without which the roads might be lost to the public to explore and enjoy.  Discover more about some of the projects the organisation has been involved with.


Working together

Collaboration is key – by working with authorities the TRF helps deliver outcomes that benefit all.

Let us tell you more...

Whether you are interested in participating or are just interested in learning more about this historic pastime – or simply learn more about the TRF – we've got you covered!

About Trail Riding...

Trail Riding began over 100 years ago – before modern sealed roads were even invented! Since then the pastime has stayed true to its roots of exploring and enjoying the countryside.

About Trail Riders...

Trail Riders’ love of the countryside means they want to experience as much of it as possible in the little spare time they have available – so they explore and embrace it by motorcycle.

About the TRF...

Founded in 1970, the Trail Riders Fellowship has been conserving Green Roads for public enjoyment for over 50 years. 9,000+ members across 41 groups in England and Wales.

The benefits of Trail Riding

Trail Riding brings benefits to riders, businesses, communities, other user groups and local and national economies alike.

For communities

The value of Trail Riding and the TRF cannot be measured by economic value alone. There is a wider social value that benefits local communities and wider society. 


For the economy

Millions of pounds are spent each year by Trail Riders supporting local businesses such as cafés, shops, bed and breakfasts… The motorcycle industry itself employs and supports more than 70,000 people 


For health & wellbeing

Trail Riding, being an active recreation taking place in the countryside, has significant physical and mental health benefits for those who participate in this historic pastime…

Green Road Map

Providing clarity for public access

Join 9,000+ members actively riding and conserving the Green Roads Network

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Green Road Reality

Some suggest that Green Roads are under threat due to recreational motoring, we take a closer look at the reality… 

Outdoors for all

Outdoors for All

Examples of how current public mapping of Green Roads works to the detriment of Trail Riding and wider public access