The economic value of Trail Riding and motorcycling

Trail Riders bring income to rural businesses and communities. The activity often places them in locations that are not typically on tourist routes, they also typically travel independently.

This combination makes them prime customers for country businesses such as campsites, pubs, restaurants, tea rooms, B&Bs and retailers – all of which will typically be locally owned and operated. 

A typical weekend Trail Riding activity by small groups of riders can easily put £3,000 into a local community through the group’s need for accommodation, food and fuel.

Today the UK motorcycle industry makes a significant contribution to the UK economy, the sector being valued around £7bn while supporting over 58,500 jobs in over 5,000 businesses. 

UK motorcycling also generates significant tourism expenditures of around £773m, which helps to support more than 13,000 tourism jobs. 

Trail and Adventure type motorcycles, which travel on Green Roads, represent over 20% of the UK motorcycle market. By the TRF’s own research, Trail Riding activities alone are valued at £135.6M per annum with a further £14.4m being spent in the tourism sector, contributing to local economies.

With around 6,000 miles of Green Roads this means that the Trail Riding alone generates over £33,000 of revenue for every mile for UK businesses. 

National Motorcyclists Council 2022: Motorcycling and the Future of Transport Policy. 

The value of Trail Riding to the UK economy
£ 0 M
Trail Riding value per Green Road mile
£ 0 K
UK motorcycle industry net annual sales
£ 0 B
People employed directly by 5,700 businesses

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