Working with the TRF for your Horse Event

Trail Riders have long been aware of the needs of equestrians whilst out riding. The TRF code of conduct, adopted by the authorities including the Police, instructs Trail Riders to slow down, stop and turn the engine off when being passed by horses on the trail or road. It's great to see that respect reciprocated by a friendly nod and chat from horse riders.

Both groups seek to maintain a healthy amount of access to the countryside and it is at organised events where the TRF really demonstrates that Trail and Horse Riders have common goals and are happy to work in partnership. Here we outline how the TRF contributes to the hundreds of horse events that take place around the UK annually and how to book Trail Riders to act as stewards or course marshals at your next event.

The first thing to address is that there are two main types of horse events that the TRF helps with: Eventing and Endurance. They are both quite different in set up, but the input from the TRF is similar.


Endurance involves longer courses, sometimes over 100 miles in length, that take riders across large areas of land, some private, some farm and some public. It might for example take in sections of Forestry Commission land as well. As the name suggests, it’s a test of endurance for the horse and rider.

Competitors need to know where the course goes and that is where the TRF can help. We can supply groups of Trail Riders that go out prior to the event and put-up course markers, often flags or ribbons tied to trees or fences, that show the way. A lot of horse riders involved in the event understandably want to save themselves for the competition and you can imagine how long it would take to mark out by foot or bicycle. Trail Bikes are perfect for this purpose, we can get everything marked up quickly – and, equally, then take down at the end of the event. During the event itself the Trail Riders are on hand should anything happen, an injury or if someone gets lost.


Eventing is (geographically) on a much smaller scale, where riders compete over obstacles in a set area. However, unlike Endurance, the attendance can be huge, sometimes hundreds of people from competitors to officials to trainers to spectators. Here, Trail Riders are used to help mark out the course and transfer information such as score cards quickly and efficiently. Trail Riders spend the day zipping quietly around the course helping things to run smoothly. Essentially, helping with anything that can’t be sent over a radio or phone.

Why Work with the TRF for your next horse event?

The TRF is the only Trail Riding organisation representation throughout England and Wales with over 40 groups.

The TRF is also the only Trail Riding organisation that is professional and organised with decades of experience in horse events. Our members are proud to demonstrate the professionalism, courtesy and respect that the TRF offers to all countryside users. 

We make sure that we ride quietly and ride in attire that is appropriate to the event. Finally, we have insurance and legal support to cover any eventualities.

  • The TRF has been helping steward horse events for over 30 years.
  • The TRF closely monitor and follow advice from the BHS in working with horses.  
  • We work with British Eventing and Endurance GB.
  • We have a network of oved 9,000 members across 40+ groups in England and Wales
  • Individual Trail Riders offer their services as volunteers, any money raised goes to TRF funds.
  • Cost is negotiated on an event-by-event basis.

Please send us an email with details of your event  

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