Landowners and Managers

Public rights of way over private land are not without their challenges for landowners and managers and with all the other challenges they face this can become overlooked because of other priorities. They however remain an important and vital aspect  of land management.

Landowners and Managers are facing an unprecedented time of change. Access to previous markets have become harder and more costly at the same time as subsidies and grants in a constant state of change. Inflation, distribution and supply chain challenges making it one of the most difficult times for those who earn a living from the land.

Farming and forestry practices are also under pressure to respond to growing environmental concerns, with landowners and managers being required to reduce pollution and the use of pesticides. There is also growing consumer interest in food origin and production methods.

Opportunities however still exist with diversification being key. Those that embrace the changes and seize the opportunities stand to prosper where others may falter. Alternative income sources including accommodation music festivals, farm shops and events all offer opportunity.

With all this going on there is still the matter of access management and public rights of way to deal with including obligations that need to be adhered to including not obstructing routes, keeping them clear from vegetation and not damaging the surfaces.

Managing motorised access on public highways however does not need to be a burden. Positive, constructive and early engagement with motorised user groups such as the TRF, alongside authorities, will prevent unnecessary issues arising that could lead to avoidable cost to the landowner.

Motorised users of the Green Road Network also represent an opportunity, including those looking for accommodation whilst on their travels, as well at those looking for food. Further opportunities exist with events and permissive routes.

If you own or manage land, and would like support and advice on matters relating to motorised access, the TRF would welcome the opportunity to help. Please drop us an email

"Landscapes for everyone - We want to see our landscapes reaching out and welcoming everyone

Julian Glover – Landscapes Review

Estates and Countryside Management

Estates play an important role in managing the natural landscape and there is a lot more involved than you might first expect.

Moorland Association members care for 860,000 acres of heather moorland in England and Wales spending £52.5 million a year on these iconic landscapes.

Shooting provides essential income for the protection of this remarkable land and is responsible for over 1,500 jobs in the heart of the countryside.

The TRF talks to the Moorland Association to find out more about exactly what’s involved.


Managing Motor Vehicle Use in the Countryside - A good practice guide

The Land Access and Recreation Association (LARA) is an umbrella organisation and forum that brings together the leading national associations in motor sport and recreation. LARA promotes and advocates responsible and sustainable motor sport and recreation.

Managing Motor Vehicle Use in the Countryside is a good practice guide to traffic management on unsealed public roads.

Green Roads for All

Britain is blessed with some of the most incredible countryside in the world, a place that should be shared, enjoyed and respected by all no matter how they choose to explore it.

The Green Road Network provides unique public access to this rural landscape unlike any other, but sadly a minority seeks to misrepresent these public roads and the historic rural enjoyment of exploring them by motorcycle.

Green Roads for All takes a closer look at facts around the Green Road Network and the value of Trail Riding to the environment, public access, rural communities, local and national economies as well as the health and wellbeing of riders.

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