A personal journey... John O'Groats to Land's End

In 2015 Carla McKenzie got it in her head that she wanted to ride from John O’Groats to Land’s End (JOGLE) on Green Roads. The problem was she had only ever ridden on tarmac and was about to take on a journey that even the experienced trail rider would find daunting!

Carla shares the story in this video and explained, “I had never taken a bike off the black stuff, and I had no idea what I was letting myself in for. I was driven by the desire to raise funds to provide wounded veterans with a life changing experience of riding on the back of Harley-Davidson’ss on the iconic Route 66.” “I had six months to learn how to trail ride, plan the journey, and raise awareness and sponsorship – I love a challenge!

I was introduced to motorcycle journalist Paul Blezard through a mutual friend. I called Blez and explained what I was going to attempt – the phone went silent, and then he said Have you any idea what you are suggesting, followed swiftly by a recommendation to join the Trail Riders Fellowship.”
“The members of the Wiltshire TRF group took me under their wing, and taught me how to ride on Salisbury plain. It was here that I met Andrew Byatt and James Higgs. They came on board and helped plan the journey, developed my riding skills, made sure that I was well briefed on Green Road issues, ahead of radio and TV interviews. They picked me up when I had a wobble and did this life-changing journey with me – I will be forever grateful.”

This film is the story of the ride, and dedicated to James Higgs and the TRF, without whom my adventure would not have been possible..

James Higgs AKA Jimmy Kawasaki 1979 - 2023

James Higgs passed away at just 44 years old, following a short battle with cancer. During those years he made an outstanding and extraordinary contribution to trail riding and the conservation of Green Roads. This journey was made possible because of the tireless dedication of Jimmy and it was his wish to bring the adventure to life in this film. Jimmy loved the TRF and what it stands for, and we will remain ever grateful. If you would like to donate to the TRF to support its continuing work to conserve Green Roads please click below.

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