The Green Lane Relay

In March 2014, Greg Villalobos challenged himself to riding his KTM 450EXC from northern England to Buckingham Palace in London and back via as many BOATs (Byways Open to Traffic) as possible, a mini dirtbike adventure in his own back yard. No map. No GPS. No backup. He relied solely on Facebook and the generosity of strangers to pass him from county to county on his cross-country relay, through some of the UK's most spectacular scenery. On a motorbike meant to be serviced every 15 hours.

Sounds like a challenge...

"The trip was sort of a last minute thing. I had an unexpected bit of time off and thought that 2 weeks on the bike sounded like a great idea. I didn't know if I could make it all off road, or as much as possible anyway. I figured that worst case scenario it would be 2 weeks on twisty back roads which would have been good, and best case scenario would have been 2 weeks riding some of the country that I would never normally be able to find. In the end it was closer to best case scenario and I met some incredible, generous TRF members on the way. It was a real testament to what the organisation is all about. And although it was tiring, it was easier than I imagined to get people to help. It's easy to spend all your time just riding what you know, but sometimes all you have to do is reach out and ask and folk are pretty glad to help and show off their county. Thank you!"

Watch the trailer that Greg made to invite people to help him on the trip
The-Green-Lane-Relay-06-Vimeo-MFF-Laurel-01 Officially selected for the Motorcycle Film Festival in New York 2014