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December 8, 2017
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June 19, 2019
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Trail riding direct spend in the UK


Tourism related expenditure


Gross Value Add (GVA)


Trail riding related jobs in the UK


Contributory value of each mile of usable Green Road to the UK Trail Riding economy


How did we come up with these figures?


The overall value of motorcycling in the UK

A report in 2014 commissioned by the Motorcycle Industry Association, (MCIA) confirms the following.

• £5.3 BN p.a. in overall spend.

• A further £562M p.a, of m/c tourism

• Generated by 1.2M motorcyclists on 1M Motorcycles.

• The industry supports £2.9Bn of GVA and 75,000 jobs in the UK.



Apportioning the contribution of Trail Riding

There are an estimated 20,000 trail riders in the UK based on DVLA records of motorcycles registered which are in common use for responsible trail riding. This includes the 17,000 trail riders who are registered on the TRF database and of which 4700 current members of the TRF.

It does not include the riders of larger adventure machines since figures for Trail and Adventure bike sales from the MCIA show these bikes represent up to 20% of the UK new bike sales market.

Sales of Trail and Enduro machines in 2016 were 6732 of a total 118,990 or 5.6% of the market.

Conservatively viewed the TRF estimate that Trail Riders are 2% of the motorcycle population.



The Green Road Network – 6000 miles

The contributory value of each mile of Green Road to the economy is calculated at a minimum of £19,500 p.a. per mile by dividing £106M in direct spend and a further £11Mn in tourism related expenditure by the 6000 miles.

TRF would also observe that a substantial proportion of the 6000miles, thought to be around a third or 2000miles, is unavailable or unused by motorcyclists, due to its being obstructed, TRO’d, dead-end, or of little to no strategic value in the network. The value of the viable network for responsible trail riding can be reasonably estimated as contributing £26,000 per mile to the economy.




Mario Costa-Sa BSc(Eng) MBA Chair TRF

John Vannuffel Technical Director TRF

Michel Sabatier MBA Finance Director TRF


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