How much money does trail riding pump into the economy?

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January 26, 2015
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February 9, 2015

Boyd Emmerich is owner and operator of Overlander Trail Tours (OTT) a trail riding training and guiding company based in the Peak District. Operating for fifteen years he knows more than most the financial implications of trail riding, not just to his business but to the wider UK economy. Boyd is also the driving force behind The Association of Peak Trail Riders.

Recently he compiled a report designed to estimate the cost of taking up the activity, and consequently the contribution to the UK economy.

A grand total of


Per trail rider in their first year of riding

£50 million

To the UK economy when multiplied by an estimated 10,000 active trail riders
Followed by

£8.5 million

Every year afterwards (Servicing + tyres + insurance + MOT)

Click here to view the report in full and find out more about the economic and cultural contribution of trail riding to the Peak District's regional economy. For more information or to contact Boyd directly click here.