August 7, 2016
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August 22, 2016

In the last two years the TRF has seen it's numbers swell by about 20% to over 4,000 members. Every day trail riders are joining the drive to Conserve Green Roads, helping us to create a stronger and more unified voice.

This summer the TRF took a bold step that will see trail riding and Green Roads put firmly on the European political radar. TRF Director Mario Costa-Sa explains how our new partnership with Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) is a step towards securing our access now and long into the future.





Hi Mario. It's been a busy year for you and the rest of the Directors. Some of our members might not know what the situation is with our affiliation with MAG. Can you let us know what's going on?


Sure. The TRF have partnerships with a range of organisations whose values are closely aligned with our own, such as the Land Access & Recreation Association (LARA) and the Auto Cycle Union (ACU). The TRF board of Directors voted to expand this partnership to include Motorcycle Action Group (MAG).


Who is MAG? Why would the TRF look to affiliate with them?


Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) campaigns to protect and promote the interests and rights of all motorcycle riders, including trail riders. We were particularly interested in their heritage of campaigning, it was a good fit for what the direction that the TRF are currently is trying to achieve.

The political and economic landscape is shifting post EU referendum and this will have an impact on the motorcycle industry and associated organisations. We need to make sure that the TRF's views are looked after at a European as well as national level.

Through MAG we now become a member of the The Federation of European Motorcycle Associations (FEMA). The former MP Lembit Opik is our main point of contact between MAG and the TRF and we will be working closely to influence national government policy. This is an important and good opportunity for us to increase our influence.

Locally, we strengthen MAG's grass roots campaigning arm by access to approximately fifty TRF Road Conservation Officers, many of whom sit on Local Access Forums around the country. This will help us to influence strategic decisions within county council decision making.

TRF and MAG will be working together on campaigns like this


What are the benefits to our members? Does it change anything on a day to day basis?


Day to day it's business as usual. TRF members will be heading out on their trail bikes to enjoy Green Roads. A lot of MAG's influence is made at a political level. However, in addition to this TRF members will now have access to MAG member benefits, which include:

Legal Advice

Bikesure Bike Insurance

Recovery Rescue

Ferry Discount

Travel Insurance

Specialist Dealers

Dealer Discounts

A full list can be accessed here.


What does the MAG get out of being affiliated to us?


The TRF is proud to strengthen MAG's influence with over 4,000 passionate trail riders who are active in the Conservation of Green Roads. It really is a case of stronger together. We also offer financial support in return for membership.

This partnership is in its early days and we are confident that both the TRF and MAG will enjoy working together. The TRF bring considerable expertise that include our track record in successful legal cases, such as our Supreme Court win, our Rights of Road knowledge and network as well as our PR and Communications expertise.


What's coming up for the TRF? Any big news we can get a sneak preview of?



September 11th 2016 sees the TRF National Conference hosted at Sweet Lamb Academy, Powys, Wales. This event is open to all TRF members who are invited meet the TRF Directors and put forwards any topics for discussion about the clubs plans for the future. It's a great way to stay connected and help shape the next chapter of the TRF.

Sweet Lamb are also offering discounted sessions at their training academy as part of the day. Find out more and book your place here.