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Husqvarna TE 310
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Author:  Husqvarney [ Tue Nov 29, 2016 11:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Husqvarna TE 310

Hi All,

Wondering if anyone can help :?: I bought a 2012 model (black top) about 6 weeks ago and I'm a little stumped by a persistent miss fire on the overrun, rough idle and low speed bogging/ poor pick up, stalling at low revs/road junctions. This was there when I bought it. Give it some beans and it seems fine apart from the overrun single backfire. Have to keep the revs up to stop it stalling which is annoying, distracting and frustrating. If not a little anti social at road junctions!

I have;
1) Changed to a new plug twice. Once to the recommended NGK and second time to the iridium version that some recommend. Absolute bugger to get at in the centre of the cylinder compared to other bikes I've had.
2) Changed the temperature sensor in the back of the barrel for a new one (white connector) that some have also mentioned can be suspect.
3) Checked the valve clearances and they are
Intake left 0.1mm loose 0.15mm tight feeler gauge
Intake right 0.1mm loose 0.15mm tight
Exhaust left 0.2mm okay 0.25 no go
Exhaust right 0.2mm slightly tight feeler gauge
4) Noticed the revs at idle jump around from 1800 to 2500 and can go as low as 1400 and as high as 3500 occasionally.

Looking at the manual the valve clearances seem to be within spec. (0.15mm intake 0.2mm exhaust). Although no range is actually given in the manual just a specific value. The shims are only available in 0.05mm steps so changing them would seem to put the clearances out of spec?

Bike has done 4100 miles.

I'm not a fuel injection expert so not sure what if anything might be wrong to give the above symptoms.

I have noticed that the fan does not seem to come on when riding or when idling the engine stationary. Is this normal? The fan works as I have taken it off and hooked it up to 12V. How long should I need to run it idling for the fan to kick in, I know the weather is cold at the moment,

Also a separate question should the reserve tap on the right hand side of the tank be in the 'off' or 'on' position before getting to need to use the reserve? Will the reserve light come on whatever position it is in? Any harm leaving it in the off position? Nothing mentioned in the manual on where this should be.

It is otherwise a great bike and I'm enjoying my new found freedom (retirement) on the lanes. I appreciate this is a full on highly strung Enduro bike and is designed to be a bit full on/off just wish I could fix this obvious fault.

E-starting on a run out today (every time it stalled) wasn't too bad. I've noticed it likes to be in neutral (takes the clutch drag off the starter) before attempting to start. The run today was more open lanes than one I did a month ago that was more technical (Wye valley) where the e-starter didn't always work. Ending up kicking it a lot (bruises have only just gone :o Penalty for softer trials boots ;)

Started out today with a fully charged battery and when I returned it had 12.4V. Right now in the man cave it is 12.2V (it is sub zero outside). Does this sound low? It has the lights hard wired in with no switch to turn them off. I'm fairly sure it is charging otherwise the voltage would be a lot lower at the end if the day with so much e-starting. Could the stator be partially charging? The bogging/poor idle is there even with a fully charged battery at the start if the day.

I know there a few active members (Alwynmike Richgb) that have had this bike in the past just wondered if they or anyone else has any useful advice before I seek 'professional' advice :cry:

Many thanks in advance for any good and constructive advice (other than sell it!)


Author:  Hugh Cleary [ Tue Nov 29, 2016 11:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Husqvarna TE 310


I don't have any specific experience with these bikes but perhaps take a look through the following links incase anybody else has written about their bike; ... in.855724/ ... e310-fail/

If yours has a lambda sensor then that might be a region to check out.

Hope the comments help you, please let us know what you find.



Author:  KentWR [ Wed Nov 30, 2016 12:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Husqvarna TE 310

Every Husky I have ever had = grief/money pit.

Call husky sport speak to there tech guy...he is a good bloke

Author:  smokinrider [ Wed Nov 30, 2016 1:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Husqvarna TE 310

The response you'll get (or atleast I got) from husky sport, is it's a full blown enduro bike so it needs to be ridden hard. I'm assuming it's in closed loop fi, no lambda and resistor plugged in?

You can't tool about just off tick over or it will cough and stall all the time, They have a real crap fuel map just off tickover they go so rich they flame out. High compression and advanced ignition timing combined with poor quality fi system

Q1. Does it have yellow or green injector. Green injector and associated ecu is the husky recommended mod to stop fueling issues. £500
Q2. Is the TPS or whatever they call it been calibrated. People strip the throttle body to clean it and then realise it's out of calibration. Can only be reset with main dealer software and cable (most likely cause if your problems) £35 a time to adjust or reset!
Q3 what are the fuel map settings. Mine were 70:100:100. Again Only changeable with £500 of software! Had to run that lean on idle so as to not have it flame out. Still needed the JD tuner to get it right.

TBH it's the xlite engine and early mikuni FI that's the issue. Basically it's pants.

On mine I ended up buying JD fi tuner (£250 I think) and fitted a rekluse. The only way I could trail ride it at low revs,

Other issues are starter failures both motor, gears worm drive and sprag clutch,
Valve clearance issues and sticking decompressor.
Only holds a Very small oil quantity of 900ml. Mine would use up to 200ml on a long trail ride but didn't smoke. (It's a race engine, it'll use oil, and as so little oil capacity needs changing ever 10hrs max!)
Bottom end service only available as a crank kit at £500+, should be done at 150 hours.
Top end refresh every 80-120 hrs max, minimum cost £300 and that's just piston and gaskets, (not barrel replate) valves need replacing at 80-120 and they're £125 each.
There are also issues with fuel pumps coming detached in the tank and the fiddly fuel connector which will snap off the tank it you're too gung ho taking the tank off,
These bikes ain't trail bikes they're race bike and won't tolerate trail maintainance schedules of 1000s miles.
900ml oil. Red line over 12500rpm, and the engines made in China!

I loved mine but got shot after 3 years in favour of a 300 stroker which costs a hell of a lot less to maintain. Never had any issues bar the fueling but that's the issue with that model. Have owned huskys now for 15 years and never had any other issues, but I maintain mine meticulously.
Unfortunately it's the 310 xlite. 2011-2012,
The old te250/310 on carbs were fine. The new huskys are ktm so they're fine too!

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Author:  smokinrider [ Wed Nov 30, 2016 2:07 am ]
Post subject:  Husqvarna TE 310

Ps, it's not a reserve fuel tap it an isolator/balance pipe,so you can take the tank off (you need to remove the pipe and therefore must be able to isolate it). It Must be on all the time or the fuel tank won't balance, as and when fuel light comes on you've got about a litre or so, during this time the bike will run rough as it's struggling to pick up fuel and maintain pressure at the injector.

Plug is hard to get at as the rubber seal/gasket distorts when you torque the rocker cover and is then too small for a plug spanner to fit through. Replace it every few times cover is off.

Check the cold start cable is routed correctly, this will cause tickover to raise when bars are turned if it's not.

Never had the fan come on on mine unless sat running for at least 5 mins,

Never start in gear or you will cook the battery and starter eventually. Mine would rarely fire up in gear.

Loose battery terminals will cause total cut out, if they're loose this may manifest itself as a misfire but I doubt it.
If the starter cranks it then the battery's ok.

Flog it. Get a 300 2 stroke. Almost identical power and delivery. ( I used to refer to the 310 4t and the 300 2t as three strokes. 4 stroke torque and 2 stroke revability)

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Author:  johnnyboxer [ Wed Nov 30, 2016 8:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Husqvarna TE 310

Good review smokeinrider

Comprehensive info about Husky 4t - a warning about the model if there ever was one


Author:  smokinrider [ Wed Nov 30, 2016 9:47 am ]
Post subject:  Husqvarna TE 310

Don't get me wrong I loved mine, it just took a few months and some £££ to get it fueling right. If they've had the injector upgrade and Ecu upgrade they're normally ok.
If you do get any starter issues first port of call is exhaust valve clearance on the decompressed valve. To slack and it won't decompress. The starter can't push it over tdc without the valve open.

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Author:  Joel [ Wed Nov 30, 2016 2:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Husqvarna TE 310

A mate ripped his oil feed pipe off without realising (it's in a really vulnerable place at front/side of cylinder)...he needed a new engine once all the oil had pissed out without him noticing...also, not sure if it applies to this bike, but have read of injectors/fine filters getting blocked on some FI euro bikes...

Author:  Husqvarney [ Thu Dec 01, 2016 12:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Husqvarna TE 310

Many thanks for all the constructive feedback.

The injector is green, not yet checked the part number on the ECU. Will take the tank off to check. I have a new fuel line connector to put on as the original one is difficult to get off as the pinch lock has distorted.

Don't know about the TPS calibration. No history on that.

I meant to say the original plug and the new one I put in were both showing its running rich - black. Haven't taken the iridium one out yet.

How do I read the fuel map settings? Need special JD Tuner software etc for that I guess.

No lambda sensor fitted although I have it. 'Resistor' what's that and where would it have been fitted?

Battery terminal was a little loose after my first ride. Tightened them up and made no difference.

Revs change on their own with the bike idling on a stand so cable routing unlikely cause. Although I will check.

Hasn't used any oil yet done about 12-15 hours since I've had it and the previous Herts
TRF owner (TRF owner before that as well.....mmmm there's a trend) had changed the oil/ filter just before I got it. Plan to change the oil/filter tomorrow.

Also plan to take the fuel pump out of the tank and check the parts and filter, but it sounds more like a fuel injection issue maybe the ECU and programming. If someone had gone to the trouble of fitting the green 12 hole injector I'm hoping they made the ECU switch also. But I will check the part numbers.

After that either one of two scenarios, it will be professionally looked at (unlikely given Smokinriders cost estimates) or it will be the shortest time I've ever had a bike! (More likely).

By the way starts okay cold even without the cold start lever. Even on Tuesday morning at sub zero temps. Appreciate the decompressor takes some of the strain off the starter.

Cheers all.

Author:  Joel [ Thu Dec 01, 2016 12:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Husqvarna TE 310

Jaysus....them carbs are beginning to look simple...

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