Two Wheeled Nomad

"Scooping up our things, we laid out the iron planks outside our colonial style backpackers ‘La Casa Roja’ for the last time, rolled a few feet down our makeshift ramp and set off for homeward bound: ‘Hogar Dulce Hogar’ – Home Sweet Home. Our return ride from Santiago to Mendoza went practically without a hitch. Canadian Matt had successfully sold his KLR, even if he had crashed on the way over down the slippery-smooth switchbacks near Portillo and lost his temporary import paperwork. Not ideal but luckily not a deal-breaker for his bike sale.

We cruised the 225 miles back, albeit stopping at the border crossing to profusely apologise to a migration official for not having a stamped form in our possession. To be fair – although irrelevant to our case – we’d never been issued said document despite needing one. A delicate situation started to brew and it seemed to me neither patience nor a willingness to understand others had historically been salient traits of this person. Oh well, the core feeling of perseverance persisted and with a little more resolve, we were processed and sent on our way."

When Lisa Morris scribbled her name down in a competition at Motorcycle Live in 2012 she had no way of knowing that two years later she would be caked in south American dust man handling a beast of a BMW over some of Argentina's most challenging terrain. Though if she could have foreseen the chain of events that led her to sell her house and set off on a round the world trip with no set end point, then perhaps she would have entered more than once.

Lisa and her partner Jason Spafford are eight months in and have been capturing some pretty impressive footage of their journey so far. I guess one of the plus points of travelling on big bikes with big panniers is that you have enough room to pack a drone to strap your GoPro onto.

Find out what gear Lisa and Jason have taken, their top 10 destinations so far and watch more impressive drone footage on their website