The ultimate UK trail ride?

Carla McKenzie describes her lands end to john ogroats trail ride

Most trail riders have thought about riding John O'Groats to Land's End at some point in their lives, but few have actually attempted it.

Carla McKenzie, a 50 year old managing director from the West Country is about to become one of those few. She is part of a team that will be trail riding the length of the country to raise funds for Bike Tours For The Wounded, a UK charity that takes injured service men and women on bike tours of a lifetime.

Here she explains how the trip came about, how the TRF have helped her prepare and how you can join her.


(We're not the only ones she's been talking to, Carla was recently interviewed by Chris Evans on the BBC's One Show about the trip)


"I wanted to raise money for the wounded to go and have a trip of a lifetime... I also wanted to challenge myself. It's all too easy to do what you've always done and this is a form of motorcycling that I have never engaged with"

"The guys from Bike Tours For The Wounded came and spoke to me and said "would I be interested in doing the trip?". My first question was "do you think I'm capable?"

"The Bike Tours For The Wounded team are looking to ask for TRF support in navigating us down through the country. There's places for 18 riders so if anyone out there is up for it we are still looking for people to get on board."

"I have recognised that I am a little bit non-typical of people who trail ride, but what's really counted for me is the fact that I've met a terrific bunch of people (through Wiltshire TRF) who have shared their knowledge willingly and have been extraordinarily patient with the fact that I'm very new to this area of motorcycling. And overlaying that is a completely amazing view of the countryside which I feel completely privileged to have. I come back off each ride and it takes 10 hours to come down off it such is the adrenaline, excitement and just absolute love of riding off road. It's just an extraordinary experience."

"I very much value the support of the TRF and also the continued support of the gentlemen in Wiltshire who have been helping me… I'm thoroughly enjoying their company… you talk about stereotype, I've heard people say that the TRF is a bit of a cliquey organisation but I've found nothing but openness and encouragement and a great bunch of guys."

Want to get involved?

Bike Tours For The Wounded run iconic tours in America, including Route 66. Injured service men and women are funded to ride pillion with able bodied motorcycle enthusiasts who have paid to take part in the trip. This summer they will be holding a fund raising expedition in the UK where 18 trail riders will be riding from Northumbria to Land's End on as many BOATs and UCRs as possible (Carla is doing the full trip from John O'Groats).

To complete the trip Darren and Mark are looking for TRF members to help guide them through their local counties, meeting them in the morning and guiding them south through green lanes. They have maps and GPS routes, but they also know that you can't beat local knowledge. If you would like to help and guide them for the day, or are interested in finding out more about the trip just drop them a line.

There are still spaces available for the trip. If you have always thought about riding the length of the country and are happy for someone to do all the hard work for you whilst raising money for a good cause, this could be just right for you. The trip costs £599 (all money raised goes towards the cost of the flights to America for injured service men and women on the next tour) and will be completed between 11th and 18th July 2015. To book your place get in touch with Darren or Mark.

The TRF will be following their progress as they complete this once in a lifetime journey on Facebook.

Darren - 07540 707 344 -

Mark - 07799 335 534 -



Bike Tours For The Wounded are hosting the UK trail ride to raise money so that these guys...


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