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Why Join the TRF?

Joining the National TRF gives you access to your local groups, their meetings and events, their marked up maps and guided rides and generally allows you to develop your trail riding friendships and experiences. You can visit other groups up and down the country and find like minded people who want to go out and enjoy riding their bikes as well as protect their rights to do this.

Trail Riding is unfairly misunderstood by many people and wrongly associated with illegal use of motorcycles in the countryside. Motorcyclists also experience an unfair amount of prejudice against them. Some people simply won’t take the time to find out what trail riding is, understand that it is legal and accept different people have different interests to their own.  They are quick to complain about something they do not understand and have little tollerance. Joining the TRF helps us fight these people's efforts to close down lanes often for purely personal or spiteful reasons.

The Trail Riders Fellowship is the only body representing trail riders that is recognised by Government and Local Authorities as being the Authoritative and Responsible face of  motorcycle trail riding.

Our policies revolve around sustainable and responsible use of both surfaced and unsurfaced roads across England and Wales for recreational enjoyment – exactly as many other countryside user groups do. Our members do not ride on illegal routes such as Footpaths or Bridleways and always ride considerately. We do not wish to be involved in or cause confrontation with other countryside users. But we will fight for preserving our right to trail ride, to keep routes open and we get involved in many preservation projects around the country including preservation of non-vehicular rights of way for the benefit of other user groups such as horse riders.

Regardless of whether you are a trail rider or not, the work of the TRF benefits anyone who wishes to use this network of historic routes.  A considerable amount of the work that the TRF does, keeps a wide selection of public Rights of Way open.  Our work tends to concentrate on preserving Vehicular Rights of Way but much of our success has an effect on other non-vehicular ways and therefore benefits many users across a wide spectrum. We need to maintain income in order to continue the hard work that goes on daily to meeting the aims of the organisation and we need to increase our membership numbers in order to be heard as a larger voice. You are welcome to make one off donations to our fighting fund.

In a nutshell

"If you use Vehicular Rights of Way and wish to continue doing that, you owe it to yourself to Join the TRF"