A lane lost, a lane won, a new way forwards

How did this lane, a few hundred meters of land in rural Wales, become the centre point of a legal challenge that almost cost one man £20,000, threatened to cost a council £1.2 million pounds, was closed permanently, sort of re-opened, closed again and in the end resulted in a handful of organisations that normally won't sit at the table together begin talking face to face and coming to a landmark agreement that could affect every green lane in England and Wales?

A fascinating story. If you want to know where your membership goes and how the TRF, along with GLASS and LARA, have managed to approach this trickiest of situations, take fifteen minutes out of your day and let TRF Chairman Robin Hickin explain all. Democracy in action.

"It would not have happened without face to face, direct negotiation with people who are in a position to make decisions...

...from the local authorities point of view, their biggest issue was the misleading statement that if they lost the case it would cost them £1.2 million. For a local authority in this day and age to have that hanging over them, you can understand why cabinet members would not want to lose a case of this nature...

...I firmly believe that between now and the next election we need to be contacting every candidate for the 2015 general election to make sure that whoever is elected, they know their individual TRF constituency. They know that there is a local TRF group in their constituency or area, and that there are members out there who want them to support our aims and objectives."

- Robin Hickin, TRF Chairman

Joint news release from GLASS, TRF and Powys County Council

New working group formed

Powys County Council and motor vehicle groups represented by the Green Lane Association (GLASS) and Trail Riders Fellowship (TRF) have agreed to work together and form a new working group which brings to an end an expensive legal battle in the Courts and will see the reconvention of the Powys Byway Users Group (PBUG).

The PBUG will bring together representatives of the main user interests, including GLASS, TRF, the Ramblers Association and British Horse Society plus others representing land managers and the county council.

The group will regularly review and try to reach agreement on working arrangements for byway management in the county.

Cllr Harris, Powys County Council’s Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Countryside Services, said: “The formation and functioning of this new group is an important step forward in managing byways in the county, and its work will be very important in planning and supporting the maintenance of these routes in the future.

“It is also hoped that the joint work of this group will provide the basis for working relations across the range of interests and views that this subject brings.”

A GLASS spokesman said: “This achievement facilitates a significant improvement in the conservation of green roads. It provides a useful framework for the constructive management of the green road network, which will benefit all interested parties.”

Glass: Contact Martin Sullivan on 07796 501491 / 01603879741 or email Press.officer@glass-uk.org

TRF: Contact Robin Hickin on 01926 814164 or email md@trf.org.uk



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