How to take great photos whilst out on the trail

trail riding photo tips

Listen to Paul sharing his photography tips...

...and how he learned his craft underwater

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Anybody can take a good picture out on the trail. There are just 2 things you've got to remember. One, you don't want to get your camera wet. Two, keep your eyes open all the time for a good opportunity - they are there, the difference is you have got to make the effort to get that picture. There is an effort to it, you have to actually stop the bike and take your gloves off, get your camera out and unwrap it. You have to look for the opportunity and then there is an effort to take it once you've spotted it. The right picture shows that the lanes are there to be enjoyed and that it's a great day out for everybody.

Paul Pettitt


"I was sitting there (in Thetford forest) having a sandwich and I saw this fern stuck on my handlebars and I thought "that looks really great" so I took the camera out and squared it up and I thought "brilliant" and took the snap… just that one fern shows where we were that day."


"I think this is a great opportunity to take a picture because whoever would think of doing that (using a tree to straighten forks)? Who would understand that when you are out you might come across these problems? I just thought "brilliant time to get a picture"

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