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 Post subject: Complete Newbie Questions
PostPosted: Thu Mar 02, 2017 4:19 am 
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Hi guys, a bit of advice required for anyone in the know.

I am likely to be picking up a KTM EXC 300 2 stroke bike for green laning with some mates this weekend.

I already own a Yamaha R1 and have been riding sports bikes for over a decade.

A few questions:

1. How much maintenance do these bikes require? I know 2 strokers need more attention than my R1, but I've got a garage full of tools and am not averse to doing most basic stuff myself. Someone told me they need piston changes from time to time, how difficult is this? Could it be done myself or better off getting my local garage to do it?

2. How noisy will it be compared to my mates 4 stroke Honda CRF250? Am I likely to annoy the locals?

3. I have tons of road riding gear obviously, jackets gloves helmets, loads of stuff. Do I need to get different gear to make sure I don't look like a tit? Can anyone recommend a good helmet jacket, gloves and trousers for green laning? Links would be great.

4. ANything else I need to know about greenlaning? Any major do's and don'ts?

5. I want to get a helmet mounted camera but the go pros just look huge and cumbersome. Any recommendations for something a tiny bit more discrete?

I have never owned a 2 stroke, always had inline 4 sportsbikes which have always been bulletproof and pretty easy to work on.

Looking forward to any useful advice, I know you are a knowledgable lot.

Thanks in advance,


 Post subject: Re: Complete Newbie Questions
PostPosted: Fri Mar 03, 2017 7:51 pm 
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Hello and welcome from East Sussex


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 Post subject: Re: Complete Newbie Questions
PostPosted: Fri Mar 03, 2017 8:36 pm 
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Hi, As a husky 300 owner (white ktm). I can report as follows.

Measure your oil accurately and mix it correctly.
Never run out of fuel or go on reserve.
And always use the same brand and quality oil.

Change your gearbox oil regularly 2 -4 rides. 10-20 hours

Don't overtighten the chain.

Mines a 2015 with now 7000 miles and 270 hours.
I changed the piston at 170 hours. I have mates who've done 300 hrs on a piston.

Other than that it's the same maintainence as Any bike re chains brakes tyres

If you have the 2017 model then there's mods needed to the air box to get it to breathe properly and even then you'll be fiddling for ages to get it jetted right from what I've read. But at least you won't get the starter motor issues of the older models engine.

I'd imagine it will be quieter than the crf if it's anything other than the 250l. The actual induction noise is louder than the exhaust.

I'd get some proper off road or trail gear and an off road lid. Road gears useable but far from suitable.

With regards dos and fonts re green laning. Keep to legal lanes and if unsure do your research first. Obviously join the TRF. And go along to meetings and the groups rides. And don't ride the same lanes over and over again every week. try and plan a ride which only uses lanes once in a loop or twice in an out and back fashion. And in a different area one ride to the next.

As for helmet cams, there's a reason why they have been banned from all ACU events and that's because they're dangerous. If they snag in a branch they can twist the neck. In a crash they can penetrate the helmet and your skull or in an off they can cause rotation of the skull causing injury. Up to you but not for me. I have goggle cam with the camera in the goggles. It's a liquid image torque hd. Cheaper older versions on eBay from £50.


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 Post subject: Re: Complete Newbie Questions
PostPosted: Thu Mar 16, 2017 1:45 pm 
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As above really.

1. Maintenance on a 2t is easy, piston change is a pleasure compared to a 4t.

2. It will be nice and quiet as long as you don't rev the nuts off it to warm it up, which it will need to run properly. I start mine and set off straight away and warm it on the move.

3. You really want some off road kit as road bike stuff gets very hot and a dirtbike helmet for the same reason be it open faced, mx or visor type, wear goggles or safety glasses at all times.

4. Don't razz around you're local area too much, ie "don't s*#t on your own doorstep". Most of all have fun and be courteous, even when the rambliars are in the wrong.

 Post subject: Re: Complete Newbie Questions
PostPosted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 9:16 am 
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Carry a toolkit and spares! Your toolkit should allow you to remove both wheels and other stuff you may need to do to get you home (access spark plug, replace levers, etc). When you do work on your dirt bike, use the tools you carry with you so you know that you've got the right selection when you're out and about. Obviously you only need to carry a reasonable toolkit, no need to stock up like a Snap-on van ;)

Tyre levers, takes these if you're running tubes and always carry at least one spare tube (a front will fit in the rear as a get-you-home fix). Carry a split link for your chain and a way to fit it if you need to. If you run mouses or TuBliss you won't need to carry tubes, but their legality is questionable at best (plenty of debate about that!).

Join the TRF, contact your local group and find out where the legal lanes are. Don't ride like a twat thinking you're an enduro god as 1. You'll hurt yourself and/or someone else (unless you are an enduro god, there are plenty about on here ;) ), but more importantly 2. You will upset people which can lead to conflict and ultimately lane closures.

Look after your chain - after washing my bike and riding it to blow some of the water away, I used to coat my chain in clean, cheap, engine oil. It prevents rust when the bike's out of use, lubricates it, although obviously flings off when you ride. Some people use chainsaw oil which flings less. Don't use lube from your roadbike - it will attract dirt and turn into a grinding paste and your chain wont last long.

Carry a mobile for emergency use. Try and ride with others, having a fall/getting stuck when alone can be a painful and depressing experience.

Do invest in some proper off-road kit, perhaps after a few outings and you've decided you like green-laning. As has been said, road stuff will suffice for gentle green-laning but won't offer the protection of dedicated kit in a hard fall, especially boots. Oh, and you'll look like a tit ;)

Most importantly have fun and let us know how you get on.

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