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450 Bike Advice?
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Author:  lost [ Wed Aug 22, 2012 9:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 450 Bike Advice?

Hi there Q/ what do you intend to do with your new mount gentle rides ! Enter long distance trials poss H@H ? Or poss a enduro these are the Q/ only you know ! What sort of terrain do you ride flat like say Norfolk or hilly like Wales .Devon ? Are you a large chap or 5,8 like me
Well if so the Huqsvarna are a little tall in the saddle for me and a tall saddle doesn't give loads of confidence trust me !
How do you ride gentle or with a little gusto if gentle then a large capacity scoot may suit you 690 .525.610 530 .they maybe a little to big and tiring to muscle around when the going gets heavy or tight ?
The 400/450 combo can be woulds apart ? The 400 ktm,drz are a little diff to a tweaked 450 kaboom or standerd RMX !
The 250 are a diff ball game yamahas venerable wrf post 03reg with estart and the later crfx are brilliant steeds reliable sturdy and lite
The modern two stroke options ,some are very tricked out and multi multi adjustable and very reliable and are also lite lite and a rebuild isn't going to cost you £1000 plus ?
So you look around and take your choice there are other choices the 300 T2 more power more grunt there is the 350 T4 rout very powerful and lite

So what would I be looking at coming off a drz400 well in Devon the wrf 250 still looks good can be tweaked And made to go very fast !
The crf 250x also has a good reputation
Don't rule out the T2 they can be very rewarding to ride and now put out as much power as a 450 if reqd !
If your heart is set on going large the wrf450 standerd is alittlecsoftly sprung but a very good package
Hondas crf450x is a sound scoot
Ktm any 400 /450 if they have been looked after !

Also consider this wear is your nearest parts dealer franchise placed ?
A estart is nice when stuck and stalled lol !!!!

Through experience I have personally had one or two issues with nice but more exotic brands just a warning and although the RMX 450 is a top compition bike it is restricted by a poor fuel range shame

Good luck p,s we all suffer rose tinted glasses when buying I would take someone who's in the now along with you cheers lost


Author:  trackady [ Mon Aug 27, 2012 11:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 450 Bike Advice?

hi if you havent already got something by now. id like to stick my option in ive bought an husqvarna 450te ex MPS enduro bike its real smooth with the power top top top of range front and back suspension. its awsome and so have a look at them

Author:  Mag [ Tue Aug 28, 2012 7:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 450 Bike Advice?

Jaytt wrote:
Thanks for the info...

Went to a KTM dealer today who advised me to go for the 450 exc.

Told to stay away from the 530 as it would probably bury me and be uncontrollable..

Gotta say Im liking the look of the 690 now tho too.....

Think orange is the way forward for me... :)

The dealer is talking bollocks!

The 530 is much easier on the rider than the 450 with lots and lots of mellow power, not as flighty as the 450 unless you decide to give it the full beans - in which case it will fly.

The 690 sounds like the best option given your 70/30 split in favour of tarmac, if it was the other way around I'd say 530 every time.

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