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Body armour
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Author:  Paul13 [ Thu Aug 17, 2017 12:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Body armour

Great video. I have ridden the first lane and often get stuck on the first part after the water crossing. As you say, it's tougher that it looks on the video. Those roots on the ground are savage, plus being very aware of the ravine on your right.

Well done

Author:  chrisv [ Tue Aug 29, 2017 10:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Body armour

Big fan of Forcefield, both the pro shirt and action shorts. Had cause to use them almost 4 years ago that left me in ITU.

The trauma surgeon was very complementary on the technology and the protection it gave. He said he'd never seen gear with coccyx protection before. The hospital returned the remains of the shirt and shorts that had been cut off in ER..... so at least I salvaged the soft armour.

I called forcefield to purchase replacement 'skins' and a nice lady put me through to the lead R&D guy (and joint founder I believe). He was keen to understand the 'outcome' and took on board the feedback from the trauma surgeon (a UK leading trauma expert). He asked if he could use the info in a case study (which I said yes) then he offered to send me brand new replacement skins FOC, which was extremely welcome. We spoke for a good 45 mins and he was very keen to learn from the experience.

So….. good gear, genuinely interested in providing the best protection they can and nice people to boot. Oh, and it’s a British product.

BTW…. He explained a little about how the product (the soft armour) came about, it originated from a development in the shoe industry (they are in Northants) and they adapted it (the technology) for rider protection with the help of a spinal surgeon (from Bristol if I recall correctly). We also discussed chest protection (I had 7-8 broken ribs and a flail chest), the summary was that there is nothing you can buy (or want to wear) that can fully protect against a high impact injury that causes such damage.

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