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My 'new' 690 Enduro
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Author:  davidscott [ Fri Mar 03, 2017 8:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My 'new' 690 Enduro

First...the previous owner of mine had the rocker arms updated so that shouldn't apoear on my radar, hopefully.

From my limited experience so far, it is a fantastic bike and I really don't notice the green lane riding difference over my old 400 EXC. maybe because the fuel tank is under the seat so the extra weight sits lower.

On the road it's an absolute blast, even on MT21 knobblies.
Ok, probably a pain on longer main dual carriageway riding but keeping up 60, 70 etc is easy. Handling is rock steady and the twisties are great fun.

Ok, it may struggle on more technical lanes but that will be more down to my lack of ability, not the bike. The old brigade used to ride heavy British iron perfectly well.

I am going on a north Wales trail riding weekend in May and even doing a trail/enduro practice day in April to learn some technique.

I had ridden one back on 2009 as an absolute beginner and loved it and also rode a Husky 701 for half an hour before commiting to the 690 at the end of last year. I couldn't justify the extra dosh for the 701 but there will be a few around now so go for either imho.

Author:  KTMMarky [ Fri Mar 03, 2017 9:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My 'new' 690 Enduro

I think you're right in that the rocker arms had a design update.

I also think the latest 701 husky has a revised head design. It still looks like an 80's ice cream cart though.

Author:  vinnie [ Tue May 16, 2017 11:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: My 'new' 690 Enduro

Bear with while I give some background...

Have been thinking about a sporty road bike and came down to choosing between a 690 duke or a Ducati Hypermotard - I have an obsession with my next bike being light. All of that is on hold until I've completed my Big Trip to the Caucasus and back.

That trip has got me thinking about future adventures and the need for something more off-roady than my current F800ST... :shock: I don't like the idea of the big adventure bikes and so the obvious choice for me, with experience of the BMW 800 engine, would be an F800GS. However, could I combine both my sporty requirement with my adventure requirement, whilst keeping weight to a minimum and kill 2 birds with one stone by getting a 690 enduro-cum-supermoto!??

What attracted me to the '16 690 Duke was the new extra balancer in the head - has this new engine made its way into the Enduro and SuperMoto? Can you switch between road and off-road just by a change of wheels (maybe sprocket too) ?

Thanks for listening ;)

PS, maybe I could also use the 690 in Enduro mode for green lane-ing - I currently have a TT250R and not much experience, but perhaps the power maps could help me out there - kill 3 birds with one stone then!! :)

Author:  davidscott [ Tue May 16, 2017 1:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: My 'new' 690 Enduro

Two weeks ago I did an enduro training day on their 690 (to save mine) and got on brilliantly (for my level of riding).
Today, I did about 70 road miles on knobblies and had a great ride on the back roads without ever needing to get over 60 (ish ;) )

This weekend 6 of us are off to Wales (by van) for a trail riding weekend and I think the bike will be perfect as long as we stay off the really gnarly trails.

Having ridden my mates F800GS, I would say that was road biased but capable off road on maybe gravel type surfaces whereas the 690 is probably slightly the other way round and can cope with day to day trail riding on more tricky lanes.
I wouldn't want to sit on a motorway for miles and miles but I'm sure it would if it had to.

I bought it for a dual sport and, so far, it has more than lived up to expectations.
150kg (that feels no heavier than my old 400's 130kg) and 64 bhp have to be fun. It seems to carry its weight low because of the underseat fuel tank.

I have just put the map switch onto 'advanced' as the throttle can be a bit fluffy on the lower settings but have not used it like that off road yet - at least it's easy to change.

Try and get a test ride on a 690 or a HUsky 701 and maybe against an F800 on the same day for comparison if you can.
I am actually enjoying riding it more than my old 950 SM as it is perfect for bumpy country roads, which is where my road riding is concentrated these days.
By comparison, the 950 was overpowered (98bhp) and overweight (195kg) in comparison.

Plenty of people on ABR take them abroad and Jonpaul1st on here travels round Europe on his.

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