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Drz 400 e or ktm 250 exc 2t
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Author:  matt_wr [ Thu May 26, 2016 9:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Drz 400 e or ktm 250 exc 2t

I've been looking into both these and from what I read they're both good bikes.

Things that concern me, is the drz too heavy? I'm 30 year old reasonably fit, 6ft 3 and weigh about 13/14 stone so am I going to be alright?

Like the sound of the low maintenance drz.

I'm a beginner to it all really only rode a couple of times.

The ktm sounds brilliant, enough power, low weight and by sounds of changing power valve spring I can alter the character of it.

Is premix a pain? Reliability wise are they ok?

Any particular difference with parts cost etc?

Sorry for all questions, I've searched loads of background info but still quite torn between them and don't want to buy wrong bike

Author:  KentWR [ Thu May 26, 2016 10:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drz 400 e or ktm 250 exc 2t

I have owned both so I can comment!!

DRZ400e. heavy yes its heavier than a KTM EXC 200 no doubt about that... But a fantastic bike for "trail riding". Its a much better bike on the road IMO than the EXC200.

If you are planning to enter enduro events then you won't want the DRZ400e. To heavy. If you want something for trail riding and good on the road get the DRZ. I used to ache all over after riding my old 200 with knobblies on the road for a days trail riding.

Horses for courses...Enduro events KTM 200.

Just trail riding and the odd commute DRZ.

As a beginner I would chose the DRZ over the EXC200.

Author:  kyote [ Thu May 26, 2016 11:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drz 400 e or ktm 250 exc 2t

DRZ400E for trail riding.....i like low maintenance:-) will do the magic number on does need a slight mod to the front suspension and the bars position, suspension needs stiffening up a little(mine did for my style of riding)....i rode one for 3 years an x reg minter when i got it...i still got what i paid for it 3 years later and it never let me down...i bought a newish ktm450exc and nearly sold it as i really missed the characteristics of the drz...but as it happens ive dialled the 450exc in and its now superb :-) take is 4 stroke for trail riding...2-stroke for racing :D :D :D (i.e enduro + h&h) and 2-stroke for trials

Author:  matt_wr [ Fri May 27, 2016 6:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Drz 400 e or ktm 250 exc 2t

Thanks for advice guys keep it coming

It was the 250 I fancied over the 200 though as the 200 I'd based on the 125 thought with my height I'd suit the 250 better?

Author:  johnnyboxer [ Fri May 27, 2016 6:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Drz 400 e or ktm 250 exc 2t

DRZ all the way

Oil changes every 1000-2000 miles

Couple of issues though

Check stator bolts are tight and loctited

Spacer behind front sprocket needs changing for a stainless steel one £27 from Leisure Trail

Ask the owner if these items are sorted

Author:  mike Irving [ Fri May 27, 2016 8:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Drz 400 e or ktm 250 exc 2t

the DRZ is the better trail bike the only down side is the weight but if you are fit and learn to ride before you learn to go fast you will be fine. the good thing is that it will take the falls and the lack of maintenance much better than a KTM.

The 2t 250 is far to fiery to learn on. the throttle is just too light. the advantage is though they are easier to ride. the handling is far better.

best compromise

KTM 400./CCM 404/ you can pick up an old one, reasonably cheap well within your budget and after a year or so sell it for more or less what you paid for it. Or newer go for Honda CRF250L / KLX250/ TTR-WR250 /

Author:  PJT [ Fri May 27, 2016 8:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Drz 400 e or ktm 250 exc 2t

Rule 1 Don't ride on your own
Rule 2 If you want to ignore Rule 1 then don't get a DRZ as it is a heavier bike.
Rule 3 if you ignore Rules 1 and 2 then don't ask for sympathy if you get into trouble on the trails.

The DRZ is not too heavy, it's just heavier and that needs to be taken into account.
The DRZ is more comfortable and better on the road than any small capacity KTM.

Plenty of other justifications for the DRZ but if you want something lighter look at the KTM 400.

Author:  davidscott [ Fri May 27, 2016 10:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Drz 400 e or ktm 250 exc 2t

Not that Peter and I are biased as we both have one, but the 400exc is a great compromise and can still be used for enduro, if not necessarily that competitive for a beginner. It does me for the occasional practice day.

The older RFS engined 400s are, allegedly, unburstable where our later versions are a bit less robust apparently.

I've not ridden a DR but too many people like them for them to be dismissed as a great trail bike.

I wouldn't reckon a 2t for trail riding at all really. Supposedly not great on the roads, small tanks and carrying oil usually. We always seem to be waiting at garages for them to fill up.

It's too easy to start with the wrong bike and that can seriously damage your future enjoyment. I didn't have a clue and went for a WR450, which is a 60bhp-ish bike but I soon learnt to be gentle with the throttle and it was ok to ride but I never really gelled with it.
I've had my 400 for 3 years or so now and love it.

Author:  akendall1966 [ Fri May 27, 2016 11:40 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Drz 400 e or ktm 250 exc 2t

Split the difference with a ccm 404e lighter than the drz that it takes its engine from but a bit heavier than ktm that it shares suspension components with.

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Author:  matt_wr [ Fri May 27, 2016 12:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drz 400 e or ktm 250 exc 2t

How bad are the ktm 4 strokes maintenance wise? That's all that puts me off with the bigger 4 strokes

I never said anything about riding on my own? Isn't it one of the main reasons to join trf.

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