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Herefordshire TRF Group meeting March minutes
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Author:  DS650 [ Wed Mar 08, 2017 12:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Herefordshire TRF Group meeting March minutes

7 MAR 17

1. Intro. Gray welcomed all and intro’d – Joe Stephens (Membership Sec), Jim Walters (Treasurer), Flo Tatoiu (Gp Rep), Mark Holland (Nat Equestrian Events for TRF/Jt Chair Gloucester TRG Gp), Nick Demarco (RoW), Tim in Pink Shirt (Sec).

2. Trials Q & A (Andy).

• Cheap, exhilarating sport, several classes, 4 hrs, events most w/e, excellent for bike skills.
• Suggest 250cc eg Gas Gas, £1500 - £2000. Not Brit bikes as far too expensive (buy, spares etc).
• £12 per bike, £10 ACU annual licence, £5 club membership.
• Rules: foot down 1 pt, stall/fall off 5 pts (and ridicule!). `No stop’ rule is new.
• Next event is Dinedor, 30 Apr, Andy is org, free to spectate.

3. St Michaels Hospice Charity Event (Tim).

• Fol brief by Hospice Angels, small gp of Hfd TRF Gp met to discuss event to raise funds specifically for Hospice.
• Still seeking campsite area Builth Wells (etc) but in outline:
o 2/3 Sep or 9/10 Sep.
o 80 riders, 20 leaders (latter found fm Hfd TRF Gp)
o 2 main routes, clockwise and anti-clockwise, staggered start pts/times.
• Action points:
o Tim Find & cfm campsite
o Gray & Andy Design & coord routes
o Gray Coord leaders
o Mark `Camp Commandant’ – his demands will be instantly obeyed!
o Joe Invent catchy name
o Andy Org band (and bring his guitar!)
o ???? Org and coord sponsorship (names to Gray please – volunteer(s) urgently needed)
• Recces:
o Sat 11 Mar Gray & Tim recce campsite(s)
o Sun 12 Mar Gray recce routes. All welcome to join. See WhatsApp.
o Wed 22 Mar Update mtg RoW Weatherspoons. See WhatsApp.

4. Report on Devon Trip. 4/5 Mar, 2 x gps although serious issues with bikes eg Richard (Husky died early on – but could have been worse, could have been a 2 stroke), Gray with puncture (and very stroppy by all accounts!), Jim lost his satnav (albeit briefly)….and it rained – so all retired to the pub. Managed 1 loop of c90 miles in 2 days! Stunning views Ilfracombe to Woolacombe. But planning rtn trip. See WhatsApp

5. RoW (Nick).
• Very quiet mth. Green Rd (GRd) in Lugwardine downgraded. NTR ref Cefn Hill.
• Nick invest local (to Fownhope) GRd that poss upgraded to BOAT.
• Note apparent disconnect between formal legal decision to open up GRd with what actually happens on the ground. Nick trawls adverts/notices in Hfd Times for announcements. Planning visit to County Archives to further investigations. Thought may have moved to Worcester (not Rotherwas?).
• Encourage all to register complaint if GRd blocked (etc) as this proves GRd usage should attempts be made to close/downgrade GRds. Nick cites his need to use horse and cart (not smelly 2 strokes!) on GRds.
• Rabbits Lane? UCR, badly eroded, just about OK for Trials. Washed out, steep, ltd access to repair. ¾ mile damaged. Jim offered use of his digger. Recce reqd. Volunteers?
• Arrange supper for Nick and frau as thanks for all his efforts. Nick to suggest dates. Leominster.

6. Future Rideouts (Gray). For the diary, actual date to be cfmd by leader via WhatsApp:
• 19 Mar : Vic Cotswolds. 0930 for 1000hrs RV Birdlip `dogging’ carpark. 3 x gps (Gray, Martin, Vic leading)
• Mar: Derek/Spike Wye Valley
• Apr: Kevin Clyro
• May: Spike Long Mynd
• Jun: Spike Wilts? Lead/assist by Andy House Wilts TRF?
• Oct? Dave Barmouth w/e incl camping. TBC

7. Finance (Jim).
• £58 raised this evening, £274 in bank.
• Harvey volunteered as new counter-signatory.

8. AOB.
• Welcomed new members, Wayne & father (?) - although it was noted he was from The Forest! Rides a Triumph Tiger but looking for trail bike, 250cc. Encouraged to join TRF.
• Police flyer & Golden Valley newsletter. Jt op with Brecon police to “target scramblers”, on bikes with no VRN plates on hills around Longtown etc. Often failed to stop! Male stopped, fined £100. Rest fled. Not amusing as tars TRF membership with same brush. Counter with TRF advert?
• (25+ at mtg incl 2 new members.)

9. Raffle.
• Chain & padlock won by Wayne
• Pressure gauges won by Joe (who rejected wonderful gift) hence passed over to Wayne!

8 Mar 17

Author:  DS650 [ Wed Mar 08, 2017 12:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Herefordshire TRF Group meeting March minutes

Marvellous, thanks TIm. Must remember to remind pub to turn down music whilst meeting next time??? worked well all in the one room though.

Author:  Husqvarney [ Wed Mar 08, 2017 2:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Herefordshire TRF Group meeting March minutes

Great minutes Tim and fast, I don't know how you keep up ;) probably why I'm retired :roll:

Minor correction to Devon trip - Richard was on a KTM not a Husky that wouldn't run right from the off. I was on a Husky that was towed at the end of day 1 with a what turned out to be a fractured fuse. :oops:

Bit of bike sharing /swapping on day two as Fisky agrivated a shoulder injury so Flo rode his Yam and Richard rode Flo's KTM so all who could ride rode.

Oh and thanks again to the Flo for towing me out of what turned out to be the last lane on Saturday and for the boys for recovering me in Flo's 'Ambulance' :o

Bike now running ok on a ride around the Abergavenny area yesterday with Joe and Rupert. New starter relay fitted on Gray's advice.

BTW Ryan did really well on his 50cc Rieju, and gave it a good battering :P Soon be overtaking Gray ;) . And Sir Vic well he is just a machine.

Definately up for assisting to clear Rabbits Lane whenever it is rearranged... unless I'm riding.

Author:  GrayHTRF [ Wed Mar 08, 2017 7:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Herefordshire TRF Group meeting March minutes

Proper job Tim
Big thanks to you and all that attended.
A good bit of banter and you get the chance to meet Arnie Flo !
I'll be him.

Author:  DS650 [ Thu Mar 09, 2017 10:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Herefordshire TRF Group meeting March minutes

Get into da choppa Harry!!!!!

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