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Herefordshire TRF meeting.8pm, TUESDAY 3rd January 2017.
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Author:  GrayHTRF [ Mon Dec 12, 2016 10:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Herefordshire TRF meeting.8pm, TUESDAY 3rd January 2017.

At the last meeting 39 trail bike riders attended the packed New Inn pub :shock: and Sandra the landlady and Hannah the number one barmaid were very grateful of the local business on a normally quiet Tuesday night. :D
Not sure if was the local beer,the promise of sandwiches,the banter or maybe the keen interest in riding a bike on a green road that drew the Hereford TRF members in ?
So following on from that will be some minutes from Nick_Us-Dimarco-Is...I hope Nickus ?
So I hope you will be all gasping to get out of the house on the eve of thow holieth eve eth too talketh Green roads and trail bikes after all the festivty bobethities are overy sort of ish.?
See you all at the New Inn on Tuesday 3rd Jan at 8pm.
All welcome and thankyou for contributing in the banter,the raffle prizes and your knowledge or in any other way you feel you can.
Cheers all

2.What did Santa bring you.
3.Cash in the bank report.
4.TRF National agm.
5.Ride reports.
Lane flooded action needed.
7.The next rideout.

Author:  DS650 [ Mon Dec 12, 2016 11:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Herefordshire TRF meeting.8pm, TUESDAY 3rd January 2017.

Dunne worry Gray I just need to get my typing. Fingers sorted..

Author:  GrayHTRF [ Tue Dec 13, 2016 9:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Herefordshire TRF meeting.8pm, TUESDAY 3rd January 2017.

Cheers Nick.
Just too also add the three large plates of sandwhiches were free of charge.
Thank you Sandra.

Author:  billybobuk [ Fri Dec 16, 2016 3:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Herefordshire TRF meeting.8pm, TUESDAY 3rd January 2017.

It's a shame it's on the same day as Worcs; I'm on the Border but will get over to yours in the new year :-)

Author:  DS650 [ Tue Dec 20, 2016 11:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Herefordshire TRF meeting.8pm, TUESDAY 3rd January 2017.

minutes here Gray...

TRF Herefordshire meeting 3
Tuesday 6 December 2016
New Inn, fownhope

Gray -chairman
Jim – Treasurer
Joe110 – new member meet & greet
Mark Holland – Equestrian rep
Nick – Right of road (ish)
25 ish other riders
Tim Barett – secretary. Busy mixing paint apparently
As a club we now have a proper bank account with Lloyds and our signatories have to sign in Sanskrit to avoid fraud. £32 raised on the raffle tonight and prizes given out.
New venue was packed out but did the business with good beer and free sarnies. Contributions to the meeting were at times a little difficult to decipher but that is nothing new. Looks like this is it for the future…
Joe110 is going to hace a crack at Devon in the new year Feb19th was a fave date or following Saturday depending on watsapp and sourcing a Devon guide. Joe to contact Devon TRF who were reported to be very friendly chaps although they don’t like deviants so we might be snookered. Judging from interest it could be a big group of clean livin’ riders joining Joe for north devon Ilfracombe-ish start. Ray Skinner is Devon TRF witchfinder general. Gray (unsurprisingly) has the lanes on his computer but it might be tricky to cable tie the processor and screens to the back of a bike and we’ll need a really long extension lead.
Florin is off to Romania in 2017 and is happy to bring like-minded riders with him for some serious continental tomfoolery. His contact can organise board and bikes if you don’t fancy taking yer own pride and joy. Flight around £130 return and 100eu day bike hire. Watch this space; bobble hats are optional. Florin also has space for yer bike in the back of his van as he sails off on the ferry en-route if ye fancy that. Please bring chips.
Wayne, Gray and Dave are sorting a Peterchurch massiv’ rideoout over crimble on watsapp so keep ‘em peeled. Local riders most welcome – they don’t like deviants either.
Shobdon rideout was generally accepted as a top day with one reservation: -rider management and the last man rule. More attention at pre ride briefing chaps and be aware of who is behind you at juntions..if you cant see them wait!! (unless waving a shotgun)
Joe 110 christened his new role by baptising all those present with the new King James service prepared by the TRF. We have now seen the light and are putting the band back together.
A quick show of hands revealed around 60% of those present were members but there is a general disinclination /dislike of the TRF forum as too slow and difficult to contribute to…hmmm
Club aims for a 100% membership for ride outs from the spring – seen as a good thing to keep funds in the TRF despite general confusion over changing club affiliation at member renewal perhaps a drop down menu on website might be the way to go?.
Cefn Lane
DS650 reported some success with this as it shown as a defmap modification in its length but HCC have not done anything about it so there are no gates or anything on the ground. A recce is required to see what is needed and it was suggested by Balfour Beatty on behalf of HCC that we might approach the parish council to help in getting it opened up. Nice to know my council tax is being used in my interest there then….
In the course of researching the above another questioned lane (Browns lane) was revealed as an upgrade. M309
DS650 will post a link to the Herefordshire defmap beta page
Here it is:
Log on and fill your boots check the def map, list of streets nad modifications tabs

Mr John Layton is going to the IOM next year riding bikes and suggested if any rider might like to join him for moral spports and a beer and octane fuelled outing. El Presidente thought it a good idea that we as a local MC club supported a local MC this space.

National Conference was generally considered to be monopolised by whingeing old gits despite best efforts of chair but bike show was good. We live in hope for the January AGM.
Query from the floor about caplor lane. DS650 to report next meeting.
Ewyas Harold track clearance will be posted onto wats app as an excuse to play with sharp and dangerous things..
Meeting closed 2130 ish…..

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