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What are the Benefits of becoming a TRF member?

We can help you identify where to ride

No where else is this information available so easily

Members can receive maps and guides, from their local groups, on routes to ride, and join led ride-outs on a regular basis. Many members use and share both mapped routes and GPS routes, and have a wide knowledge of the legal trails around the country, which is more important now than it’s ever previously been. Members have access to knowledge on the status of different routes on the map, and advice on different types of routes and their status.This information is available publicly from maps and records at Local Authority offices, however, being a TRF makes it considerably easier to find out.

We will provide you with FREE subscription to Trail Magazine

As long as you are a current member you will receive free subscription to the TRF’s Trail Magazine containing useful information, letters, articles, ride reports, equipment tests, competitions, features and stories, classified sales, and useful contacts.

We will provide access to the member’s website area and forum

You will have free access to the TRF Members area of this website, with a great deal of useful information and a selection of downloadable files, along with a member’s photo gallery.There is a forum which provides the opportunity to take part in discussions across a wide range of subjects and the facility to contact members across the country to arrange rides, guides, routes and maps. Prompt notification of important issues that affect our members will be published on the forum

We will provide FREE access to TrailWise

The TrailWise project brings together people who are interested in Public Rights of Way within the UK, to share their knowledge and experience. TrailWise is a national record of Public Rights of Way within England, Wales and Scotland. It is run by users for users but strives to be nationally recognised by all user groups and official bodies charged with administering and governing Rights of Way. The system records the location of Rights of Way along with a collection of information about each route. Users add information about those ways in terms of their physical nature, legal status, and also in terms of the historical and other evidence for their status.

TrailWise is built on two fundamental principles - firstly that a large number of users contribute small amounts of information to the system therefore providing a complete picture for the benefit of everyone. Additionally that the information is available in a single, central location and it is therefore guaranteed that everyone is referring to the latest, most up-to date information available..

If you are interested in registering for Trailwise you first need to obtain a registration key.  Please drop the Membership Secretary an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with your surname, postcode and membership number and an individual regististration key will be emailed back.

You will become an affiliate member of the BMF( saving £24 or more on separate membership based on 2009 membership fees)

As a TRF member you will also become an affiliate member of the BMF (British Motorcycle Federation) and you will be provided with an affiliate membership code which will allow you to benefit from discounts and services provided by the BMF to it’s members. Reduced entry fees to BMF events will apply to TRF members. BMF savings can more than cover the cost of your TRF membership. (BMF website)

We will introduce you to like minded people to ride and socialise with

The TRF is both local and national, and so there will be fellow riders to meet and ride with in your area. The local group structure of the organisation assists in introducing like minded people to each other and provides a club environment for people from all walks of life. This is available both physically by attending local group meetings and club nights or electronically via the website and in particular via the FORUM.

We provide a support structure to protect our members

The TRF provides a support structure to our members by way of assistance to any member facing prosecution or being challenged when riding legal routes. A great many years of experience and some of the countries leading Rights of Way experts are always available to provide support and advice to members. Once again it is becoming more difficult to identify legal routes and attempted prosecutions will become more frequent as time goes on.

We will continue to actively fight restrictions

Trail riding is being targeted from every direction and the TRF pledges to pro-actively fight the Government, Local Authorities and the Anti’s on each and every occasion that arises. The TRF is the only off tarmac user group which is recognised as being an authoritative and responsible face of trail riding and the only voice that stands any chance of being listened to. The TRF will continue to fight, but the fight will only have strength and success if you are part of it.Almost on a daily basis we are becoming aware of more and more local issues being raised to try and ban us from the countryside and such issues must be countered by the TRF at every level. Campaigns are led and supported to maintain our right to ride the surfaced and un-surfaced roads across England and Wales. Campaigns are in place to oppose any restrictions to available routes, to re-open closed routes and deal with obstructions.

Members can benefit from a wide range of discounts that our local groups have negotiated for current members

A great many of our local groups have taken the time to negotiate discounts at their local shops and on websites etc. As a current member you can make use of these discounts by getting in touch with local groups to see what they have on offer. A message on the forum or in Trail should result in someone offering further information or visit groups websites (see links on the Group Listings Page on the top menu bar)

Members can take part in special events that are organised by local TRF groups.

During the course of each year, many groups organise events of different types, ranging from simple social get-togethers, to fun days, long distance trials (LDT), a days riding at enduro circuits or motorcross venues and one day events like the “Coast to Coast”. These events are often only available to current TRF members. Details are usually available in Trail or on the Website / Forum.

The TRF are members of LARA (Land Access and Recreational Association)

 The TRF provides support to LARA who are renowned throughout the sector for their hard work in both Rights of Way and Planning and in bringing to the attention of Government and others, the concerns of both recreational and sporting off tarmac users alike.