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Adventure Bikes

 The TRF welcomes adventure bike riders

What is the TRF?

The Trail Riders Fellowship is the national organisation for motorcyclists who enjoy exploring the countryside in England and Wales, using the historic network of unsurfaced roads and vehicular rights of way.

Where can I find the TRF?

Although we are a national organisation, much activity is centred on the TRF’s network of over 40 regional groups. You can find details of the nearest groups here.

I’ve heard of the TRF, but thought it was only for old men on XL185s/riders of lightweight enduro bikes. What can it offer me?

The TRF welcomes members on all kinds of bikes, providing they are quiet, road-legal and ridden responsibly. You will find that many TRF members run large adventure bikes. Many of the lanes we ride are suitable for large adventure bikes, particularly if appropriate tyres are fitted. If you are not an experienced ‘dirt’ rider though, we suggest that you make your first few excursions in dry conditions and on easier lanes. Your local group will be able to advise you.  Read our code of conduct here.

What does the TRF do?

Over the past 40 years, the TRF has been instrumental in keeping Britain’s green roads open and in good repair, and that work continues with the help of all members. But we can also show you routes that you can ride all over England and Wales. Whether you just want to go out for an afternoon in the countryside or do an ambitious coast-to-coast ride, other TRF members will be able to help and encourage you.

I’m more interested in riding abroad. Can the TRF help?

Yes. Many TRF members and groups organise trips to Europe, and sometimes further afield. If you are planning a ‘big adventure’ then green laning in Britain prior to departure will help you to both hone your own skills and give your bike a good shakedown while you are still close to home.

What else does the TRF offer me?

Besides all the informal help detailed above, the TRF’s membership includes access to some of the country’s leading experts on rights of way law. Where riders have faced wrongful prosecution for riding on vehicular rights of way, the TRF has in many cases been able to kill the case before it even came to court.

All that sounds very expensive. Is it?

No! The TRF annual subscription is only £40.50 a year (by direct debit, local groups may make a small extra charge to cover the costs of meeting room hire etc), and there is no joining fee. You also get a free monthly magazine (by post or downloadable), and full access to all areas of this website and forum. You can visit the public area of the forum here and join on-line here.

We look forward to welcoming you to TRF membership. Happy trails!